Lost and Found.

Rummaging through an old file I found a U.S Treasury EE Savings Bond.   The $50 bond was a gift to my wife from her mother in 1987.   My wife redeemed the bond on Tuesday and received $103.68.   The average annual return on her bond was 2.4%.  Inflation averaged 2.6% over this same period so my wife lost .2% per year on an inflation adjusted basis.  Howev

10 Things to Crash the Stock Market.

The U.S. stock market continues its historic run with no signs of slowing down.  Since March of 2009 the Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared 262%.  As the market ticks higher, investors are looking for the top so they can sell their stock holdings before the market crashes. 

Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem!

The Houston Astros recently won the World Series in an epic battle with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The Astros have a young, exciting team led by Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and George Springer.   These three have been the spark for the Astros all season long.

October 19, 1987.

Today marks the 30-year anniversary of Black Monday when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 22%!  It was a dark day as stocks fell to historic lows.  Despite the drop, the Dow finished the year with a gain of 2.26% and it climbed 11.85% in 1988 and 26.96% in 1989.

You’re Huge, Bro!

During my football playing days in high school and college I spent hours in the gym lifting weights.  My teammates and I lifted weights during the regular and off-season and mostly followed a structured program outlined by our coaches.

Time Is on Your Side, Yes It Is.

The Rolling Stones released Time Is on My Side in 1964 and this classic song has been entertaining fans ever since.  The Rolling Stones have defied time as they’ve been playing music together for 55 years. Time certainly has been on the side of the Rolling Stones.

Who Knows?

This week marks the 30-year anniversary of Black Monday when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 508 points or 22.5% and experts are still searching for answers as to why the market crashed.  The culprit has been pinned on portfolio insurance which is ironic because portfolio insurance is designed to protect portfolios when stocks fall.  Professional investors needed a villain becau

Match the Hatch.

Astute fly fishermen and women match their fly to the insect to catch more fish and this is referred to as “match the hatch.”  For example, if you’re fishing in area with grasshoppers, you want a fly that looks like a grasshopper.

10 Ways to Improve Your 401(k) Plan!

Your 401(k) plan may be your largest asset even larger than your home.  However, it appears most individuals pay little attention to this treasured asset.  In my experience working with 401(k) providers, companies and employees several employees sign up for their plan without giving much thought to their contribution amount or investment choices.   To increase your odds for

How Much Money Do You Need for Retirement?

Trying to identify how much money is needed for a comfortable retirement remains a mystery for most individuals.   As Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials march towards retirement, the retirement dream seems harder to obtain.  Individuals don’t have much faith in their retirement planning because they’re not sure how to calculate the amount of money needed for a

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