Can you pick stocks?

By now you probably have heard of the FANG stocks.   The FANG consisted of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.   These four stocks had a great run in 2015 returning 82.72% to those who were fortunate enough to buy them on January 1st of 2015 and sell them on December 31 of 2015.    Were you part of this elite crowd?

What if you live to age 101?

What if you live to 101?   Are you financially prepared to live to age 101?  It would be terrible to live to the ripe age of 101 only to run out of money at age 91.   This risk of outliving your money is called longevity risk and it is a real concern among today’s investors.   It is especially a concern for those individuals who sell their stock holdings

Talk to me Goose.

Thirty years is a long time.   It is hard to conceive that 30 years ago was 1986.  1986 brought us Top Gun, the Chicago Bears and the Challenger Space Shuttle tragedy.  

The Natural.

The Natural is one of the greatest baseball books of all time.   The Natural was written in 1952 by Bernard Malamud and later adopted into a movie starring Robert Redford.   Roy Hobbs is a young man with a gift for throwing fastballs for strikes.    Roy Hobbs was nineteen when he was shot in Chicago right before his baseball career was to start.   He

It is time to sell. Everything!

Is it time to sell everything?  You should not sell everything but you may want to sell something.  The stock market continues to underwhelm in 2016 and this trend looks like it may remain in the near term.   The fear of the downside is real and growing among investors especially if you pay attention to the posts, papers and pundits.   The general consensus among t

There Will be Blood!

There Will be Blood is a 2007 movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis.   The movie is based on Upton Sinclair’s book Oil!   Mr. Sinclair’s great book was published in 1927 and dealt with the struggles of greed and fear that many faced in the early days of the oil industry in Southern California.   I am sure that if Mr.

Call the put and put the call.

The stock market is being less than kind to investors this calendar year.  

What do you do today if you are anxious about a further erosion of your capital?   One idea is to use the option market to help protect your investments.  

You can employ four strategies that will help you reduce risk, generate income and offer downside protection.

A Day in the Life of a Market Correction.

The global stock markets continue to swoon.  Each morning I wake up and check to see what the stock market has in store for the day.  I look at my phone (AAPL, T) to view the latest news.   I turn on my TV (SNE, TWX) to watch CNBC (CMCSA).  While I watch CNBC (CMCSA) I scan my personal and work email accounts (GOOG, MSFT).   Once I run through the news, I then

Matt Damon, The Martian and You!

The Martian movie starring Matt Damon is about his being stranded on the Red Planet after a violent storm.   Matt Damon’s character must use a number of tactics to survive and regain contact with his crew back on Earth. 

Do you remember March 24, 1980?

Do you remember March 24, 1980?  I don’t.  I was 15.  I was probably concerned with three things.   Was I going to the beach?  Were the Dodger’s going to win?  Where were my friends and I going to eat lunch?   I probably went to the beach, the Dodger’s undoubtedly won and I most likely went to McDonald’s (where thousands were

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