To give or not to give…

To give or not to give, that is the question.     You may be struggling with the mass of year end giving requests.  The holiday season can be overwhelming for both givers and non-givers alike.  It is especially hard for non-givers who do not have a charitable or philanthropic plan.

What will the stock market do today?

Paul would call me every Monday morning and ask me what the stock market was going to do for the week.   He wanted to know if he should make any changes to his account as a result of what might happen.   Of course, I had no idea what the stock market was going to during the course of the day or the week.  Paul was well read and asked great questions about stocks, the st

Buy bonds or bye bonds?

When I entered the investment business in the late 80’s the 30 year U.S.

Financial Planning is a (Boston) marathon and not a sprint.

In 2009 I decided to run the Boston Marathon.   Unlike most marathons, the Boston Marathon requires runners to qualify for their esteemed race so the earliest that I could run this marathon would be in April of 2011.   I launched a plan to make this happen and set out on a two year journey to realize my dream.   

Jacob’s (Bond) Ladder.

Jacob’s Ladder is an American horror movie starring Tim Robbins who plays a postal working trying to work his way back into society after a tour of duty in Vietnam and the death of his son.   Jacob was dealing with both perception and reality.

Do you invest and plan like Captain Ahab or Captain Phillips?

Herman Melville’s book Moby Dick is a great read.  It is a book with colorful characters and a ton of suspense.    Captain Ahab is the main character who is in endless pursuit of the white whale that bit off part of his leg.   Captain Ahab wanted revenge on Moby Dick.   When I finished reading Moby Dick I thought what an amazing story.

Let’s Buy Two!

Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, was famous for saying, “let’s play two!”   Mr. Banks was the long-time great shortstop for the Chicago Cubs who entered the Hall of Fame in 1977.   As the story goes, Mr. Banks arrived at the ballpark in Chicago with the temperature hovering around 105 degrees and said, “beautiful day, let’s play two!”  

We Can’t Win!

When my daughter was in the first grade I had the honor of coaching her soccer team.   Our team name was the Mustangs.   These little Mustangs consisted of a band of young ladies, most of whom were playing an organized sport for the first time in their lives.  Our league did not keep score as the main goal was to introduce the girls to the world of soccer.   B

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