When to Sell A Stock?

A few high-flying growth stocks came crashing back to earth after posting poor earnings. Facebook fell 21%, Netflix dropped 19%, and Twitter cratered 27%.  In the days leading up to the Facebook announcement, it rose 4.5% to close at an all-time high of $218.62. If investors knew it was going to collapse, they would’ve shorted the stock or bought puts to profit from the drop.

What to Do with A Capital Gain?

The bull run continues. The Dow Jones has risen 292% from the abyss in 2009, and it’s now the longest running bull market in stock market history. The move has produced some monster capital gains and it’s possible you may be sitting on a few stocks with large profits. What can you do if you own a portfolio full of profits?


Ten percent has been the average annual return for the S&P 500 since 1926. One dollar invested in 1926 grew to $7,347 by the end of 2017.[1]  Because of the 91-year average most investors expect (demand) a 10% return every year. In fact, when analysts give their stock market return projections for the coming year the answer is usually 10%.

Planting Seeds

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church recently wrote a devotional about reaping and sowing. His article focused on planting seeds and waiting for them to grow. He mentioned how people get irritated over the delay between the time a seed is planted and when it bears fruit.[1] Patience is a virtue.


Croatia is the second smallest country to reach the World Cup Final, a tiny nation of 4.1 million people located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. It ranks as the 128th largest country in the world and accounts for about .054% of the global population. If it were a state, it would rank 27th nestled between Kentucky and Oregon.

Buy Stocks, Bonds Suck.

Bold predictions are nothing new on Wall Street. Every soothsayer, fortune teller, oracle, and expert has an opinion or three as to where the stock market is heading.


Major League Baseball had a tough year in 1994 due to a strike by the Major League Baseball Players Association. The strike caused the cancellation of the World Series, the first time since 1904. It was a bad year for baseball and a lousy one for investors.

Are You Content?

We are a people in pursuit of more. If it’s bigger, better, or faster, then we must have it. Social media allows us to view the good life of others in real time and this is causing angst for many.


Timing is everything.

Justify won the 150th running of the Belmont Stakes to capture the Triple Crown with a winning time of 2:28. If Justify had raced Secretariat in the 1973 Belmont, he would’ve lost by 4 seconds.

A Stock Picker’s Market

The panelist on CNBC’s Halftime Report today mentioned we’re currently in a stock picker’s market. A stock picker’s market is one where money managers actively pursue strategies that will outperform the indices. They’ll try to cherry pick winners and avoid losers by employing several techniques such as charting and timing.

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