What is Asset Class Investing?

Investors can invest for growth, income or preservation. The three asset classes that fit this bill are stocks, bonds and cash - stocks for growth, bonds for income, and cash for preservation. Since 1926, stocks have returned 10.2%, bonds 5.5%, and cash 3.4%. Inflation during this same time frame has averaged 2.9%.

Remember the Potentiometer!

During college, my friends and I figured out how to get rich. We were going to purchase assets at 50 cents on the dollar and then sell them for $1. We attended auctions to bid on items like office furniture and filing cabinets at discounted prices. The challenge, however, was everybody else in the room was doing the same thing.

The Third Rail

The Social Security Administration recently announced they’ll dip into their reserves to make ends meet because costs are exceeding income.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In Roald Dahl’s great book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, people around the world are in a feeding frenzy eating their way through Wonka Bars in hopes of finding a Golden Ticket. A holder of a Golden Ticket will get access to Wonka’s Factory to experience the inner workings of his mysterious operation and receive a lifetime supply of chocolate.

The Indianapolis 500

Drivers start your engines!

The Tax Man

Tax season is over but it’s hardly business as usual because the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts is now live. This new law brings several changes for tax payers, and, as always, there are winners and losers. In addition to the new changes, tax payers should look for ways to reduce, eliminate, or defer their tax liability.


Real estate signs are popping up like dandelions, spring is in the air and people are on the move. Moving for a new job is one reason for the mobility. How often are people moving?

Financial Travel Agents

The travel industry has experienced major changes since the birth of the internet.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of travel agents is expected to decline by 12% to 72,000 by 2026.[1] Companies like, Trivago, Expedia and Kayak have filled this void as individuals book and schedule their own trips without leaving their couch.

Can You Do Nothing?

It’s hard to do nothing. It’s hard to disconnect in a connected world. If you have children you’ve probably heard them say: “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!” If you want to see how hard it is to do nothing, turn off everything around you and close your eyes for five minutes.  Welcome back. How’d you do?  

Think Different™.

Think Different was a successful advertising campaign launched by Apple in 1997, the same year they introduced us to the iPhone, a revolutionary product. The iPhone allowed us to think and act different by changing the way we communicate and access data. Companies like Uber have prospered because of it.

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