Trust the Process

The Philadelphia 76ers mantra has been “trust the process” after their GM, Sam Hinkie, was hired in 2013.  Mr. Hinkie said, “We talk a lot about process – not outcome – and try to consistently take all the best information you can and consistently make good decisions. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but you reevaluate them all.”

The West Wing

The White House is a symbol of hope, peace and freedom and The West Wing is where the power reigns.  It houses the Oval Office, the Cabinet and the Situation Room.   

Battling History

The Dow Jones Industrial average has fallen 10% from its January peak of 26,616 and volatility has returned in force. The Dow has experienced 28 days with moves of more than 1%: 14 up, 14 down.  In February, the market fell more than 4% twice. 

Berkshire Hathaway 2017 Annual Report.

The 2017 annual report for Berkshire Hathaway is available and, as usual, it’s chock-full of wisdom.  The information written in the first few pages is priceless.  Investors of all backgrounds and ages can benefit from the words of Warren Buffett. As the world’s greatest investor, there are 85.3 billion reasons to believe Mr.

Musical Instruments.

I love listening to music, all kinds – rock, country, hip-hop and Christian.  I’ve never played an instrument but enjoy the collective sound they make to produce wonderful music.  My daughter played the bassoon in high school and I had to Google it because I’d never heard of it before in my life.  If you’re like me, you gravitate to bands you enjoy listeni

The Franklin Utility Fund.

On Black Monday, October 19, 1987, I was enrolled in an investment class at the University of San Diego and I was able to witness the stock market correction from the safety of a classroom.  It was a tremendous learning experience to examine and review the correction in real time, especially since I didn’t have any money to invest.  

The Bionic Advisor

The Six Million Dollar Man was a television series during the mid-seventies about an astronaut who was severely injured during a plane crash and was re-built to have super-human strength.  His new bionic body parts included both legs, an arm, and an eye making him part human, part machine.   The opening monologue for the show was: "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.

Stress Test

A visit to your doctor to get a stress test can be stressful.  Running on a treadmill while hooked to an EKG monitor is designed to see how much stress your heart can take.  The best-case scenario is that your doctor tells you you’re fine and no other tests are needed.  The worst-case scenario is you’re rushed to a hospital to get a quadruple bypass.

16 Seed.

March Madness is in full swing.  Perennial blue-bloods like Arizona, UNC, Michigan State, and Virginia were expected to go deep in this year’s tournament.  These teams are laden with NBA caliber talent and it’s possible several of their players will be lottery picks in the upcoming draft.  It’s not surprising most people picked these schools to win their office

The Silent Wealth Killer

If you drive a car or eat food you’ve noticed prices tend to rise more than fall.  Paying for childcare, healthcare, or college tuition has been a challenge as the rate of inflation for these items has soared.   College tuition, for example, has increased 197% since 1996![1]

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