Investment and Financial Planning Schedule.


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Financial Plan

Financial Plan = $525. 

Investment Management

$1 to $10,000,000 = 0.5%.

$10,000,001 to $20,000,000 = 0.35%

$20,000,001 = Negotiable.

The investment management schedule is a percentage based on the amount of assets under management.  The investment management fee is an annual fee charged quarterly as outlined in the firm’s ADV filing.  In addition to the annual fee there may be trading fees assessed by T.D. Ameritrade. 

For example:

Wife’s IRA = $500,000

Husband’s IRA = $500,000

Joint Account = $500,000.

Total assets = $1,500,000.   The investment assessment would be .5% or $7,500.  It is billed quarterly at $1,875 and may be tax deductible.

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