Investment Management

Investment Management

At Parrott Wealth Management, LLC your investment solution will be aligned with your personal goals highlighted during the financial planning process.  Your financial plan will help guide us as we develop your investment plan whether it's to preserve or grow your wealth.   Your portfolio will be built with low cost mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual stocks or individual bonds.  In addition to your financial plan, you will receive a written investment policy statement highlighting your investments, investment goals and asset allocation.  The investments will be managed on a discretionary basis.   

401(k) and Company Retirement Plan Guidance.

Outside of your home, your company retirement plan may be the largest asset you own.  It is important to spend time on the set up of your plan’s investment choices, asset allocation and contribution amounts. We can assist you with these items in your plan. We will help you maximize your company match and make sure you are contributing the right amount so that your retirement plans are delivered on your terms.

Investment and Asset Allocation Review

Do you want a second opinion for the investments you own?  Do you have the correct asset allocation?   Are your fees appropriate for the level of assets you have and the investments you own?   During the investment review we will address these questions and much more.

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