What A Year!

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What a difference a year makes. Last March, COVID appeared, and global commerce came to a halt. The Dow Jones fell more than 30% as investors reacted to the virus and economic shutdown. Initially, working from home was expected to last a few weeks before things returned to normal. Larry Kudlow...

Risk Management

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Today I woke up to an inch of water on the floor due to a busted pipe from the Austin freeze.  We caught it early, shut off the water, and limited the damage. Despite shutting off our water, we're lucky because we have electricity, a backup water supply, and food in the pantry. Others in our city...

Single Track

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When I ride my mountain bike, I take calculated risks, or I used to anyway. I've ridden down mountains on beaches and through state parks. Riding down the Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe was a favorite. I'm not an overly aggressive rider, but I hold my own.

As my daughter was growing up, we went on...

I Want A Correction

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Stocks have been on a tear since the March COVID pullback, rising 103%! Several companies have soared more than 500%, including Tesla, Nautilus, Tupperware, and Moderna. ARK Funds, led by Cathie Wood, had three funds rise more than 170%. And don't get me started on Bitcoin, Gamestop, or the Reddit...

Rising Rates

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Interest rates are rising. Year to date, the yield on the US 30-Year Treasury bond is up 24%, and from the July low, it has risen 75%. Though rates are near historical lows, they can rise quickly. When rates rise, bond prices fall, and at some point, they will threaten stocks as investors search for...

Is This Time Different?

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GameStop stock soared to all-time highs last week on the wings of social media traders. The Reddit traders put the short squeeze on GME and almost destroyed two high profile short-selling firms. At one point, GameStop had risen more than 1,600%! On Twitter, Reddit Investors said, "It is the common...


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Gamestop stock has soared more than 1,750% over the past few weeks, led by an army of Robinhood traders utilizing sites like Reddit and WallStreetBets. These social media warriors knocked one hedge fund manager to its knees as Gamestop soared to dizzying heights. The day traders forced Melvin...

Supermarket Investing

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When I walk into my local supermarket, magnificent smells of freshly cut flowers and a sea of fruits and vegetables welcome me. Further on, I encounter the aroma of baked bread, cookies, and cakes. My senses are overloaded, and I have yet to start shopping.

A supermarket layout is science-based...

Are You A Thousandaire?

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Can you retire without a million dollars in savings? Will you be forced to work forever? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Despite what some financial experts suggest, it's still possible to retire with less and live life on your terms.

Let's say you retired thirty years ago with assets...


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Yesterday was a dark day for our country. I watched in horror as an angry mob stormed the Capitol Building, besieging the capitol police. Certifying the Electoral College votes is typically a ceremonial event, administered without fanfare, but not yesterday as rioters forced Congress members to put...

Stop. Don't Move.

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A friend of mine recently retired after thirty-seven years of working for the same employer. I saw him last week, and he was excited to explore his next chapter; though undecided as to what he will do, he has plenty of time to figure it out.

January is a popular month to change jobs. My inbox is...

Shiny Objects

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After years of investing prudently, following his plan, and spending wisely, a young ruler was ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labor. He met with his trusted advisors to see if it was feasible. They affirmed his decision, and congratulated the young ruler on his accomplishment, and...