College Football

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Next week starts another college football season, the best time of the year. The usual suspects like Alabama, Georgia, and The Ohio State University are projected to finish near the top. The offseason was entertaining as USC and UCLA said they would leave the Pac-12 and join the Big-10, causing a domino effect amongst the other power conferences. Regardless of who ends up where I know the season will be exciting and enjoyable.

Before the season starts, analysts and industry experts opine about the best teams in college football. There is no shortage of lists projecting conference winners, bowl games, and Heisman Trophy finalists. However, these projections are futile because teams still must play the games, and as Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” For example, last year, the Baylor Bears were picked to finish in eighth place in the Big-12 Conference. The experts said they would win two games and finish conference play with a mediocre record of two wins and seven losses. What happened? Baylor finished the season with twelve wins and beat Oklahoma State for the Big-12 Championship. And they did not stop there as Baylor dismantled Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl. So much for predictions.

The best coaches and teams in college football focus on plays and execution. They’re only concerned about things they can control and do not worry about predictions or projections. They know that if they do not turn over the football or make mental mistakes, the odds of winning rise dramatically. 

As an investor, consider following the lead of great college football coaches and programs by focusing on your goals, spending, savings, and asset allocation. They are the only things you can control; everything else is beyond your reach. If you decide to time the market, trade excessively, or attempt to predict the future, you could end up in the poor house. It’s impossible to control interest rates, market volatility, or the inflation rate, so don’t try. Also, ignore those who think they know what will happen tomorrow. Though they may look the part while pontificating on TV, they don’t know more than the viewing audience.

Focus on your financial plan and goals as markets continue to bounce around. Think long-term, buy stocks, and enjoy the college football season.

Though I don’t make predictions, I believe Baylor beats Alabama for the National Championship.

Win one for the Gipper. ~ George Gipp

August 20, 2022

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