I Want It All!

Bill Parrott |

I'm addicted to stocks. They're shiny objects to me, and I want to own them all. I'm not impressed with cars or material things, but show me a portfolio of stocks, and I get excited.

I run several stock screens daily, looking for the next market mover, hoping to find a company that can rise 10x or more. I search for large, mid, and small size companies. Some screens filter for earnings, others for dividends. My anxiety surges because I want to buy them all, and I know I can't; it's mathematically impossible.

When I started my investment and financial planning firm, I made the gut-wrenching decision to sell my stock holdings in my IRA. I said goodbye to Apple, Home Depot, Microsoft, Pepsi, McDonald's, and dozens more. It was a tough call, but I had to do it; it was a humbling experience, but I needed to check my ego at the door.

However, I kept my historical allocation of 75% stocks and 25% bonds after buying a basket of mutual funds managed by Dimensional and Vanguard. My passive approach gives me exposure to tens of thousands of companies. I no longer fret about missing the next great company because I probably own it in one of my funds.  

When I owned individual stocks, I checked my IRA balance constantly, trying to absorb every tick. Now that I invest in mutual funds, I go days or weeks without looking at my balance. My IRA is in capable hands, so I don't feel the urge to micromanage the investments. And my anxiety level has dropped.

My IRA rebalances a few times per year if the allocation gets too aggressive or too conservative, so my turnover is low, and I will keep my 75% allocation to stocks for the foreseeable future. Since I converted to a passive investment model, my average annual return for my IRA has been 11.9%.[1]

Another reason to go passive is that most active fund managers and stock pickers fail to outperform their benchmark. According to Morningstar's SPIVA study, more than 80% of large-cap mutual fund managers underperform the S&P 500.[2]

It was hard to surrender my stock-picking model, but I did it, and so can you. My passive IRA gives me global stock exposure, reduces my stress, frees up my time, and generates decent returns – not too shabby.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you. ~ James 4:10

May 6, 2021

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[1] Last five years, ending May 6, 2021.