A Few Ways to Lose Money in The Stock Market

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The market loves to rip wealth from the hands of investors who panic as stocks fall. The Dow Jones fell about 7% from its high last week because the yield curve inverted for a few minutes.

Markets have been rising and falling for centuries. Since 1926 they’ve risen about 75% of the time. A quarter...


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The stock market has hit a rough patch recently, falling 5.75% since the Federal Reserve cut interest rates on July 30. Headwinds have been stout as market participants react to the trade war, protesters in Hong Kong, Brexit, Trump’s tweets, and calculated language from Chairman Powell.

The recent...


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Picking a trifecta is difficult, at best. Identifying the first three winners of a horse race, in order, is called a trifecta. The 2019 Kentucky Derby had 19 finishers, so you had to choose from 5,814 potential combinations! If you were correct, the $2 trifecta paid $22,950.

During my career in...

50 Days or 50 Years?

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The summer season started 50 days ago, and 50 years ago, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. One short-term, one long.

Traders are short-term focused, and they use a bevy of indicators to try to gain an edge. One of their tools is the moving average. What is a moving average? Here is a definition...


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According to the African Wildlife Foundation, the lion population has declined 43% in the last two decades, and approximately 23,000 remain on the continent.[1] Other animals that face extinction are the Bengal Tiger, Northern White Rhino, Clouded Leopard, Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, and the Red...

Does Age Matter?

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Bloomberg recently published an article titled: The Old Rules for Building Wealth Are Obsolete. It highlights a few prominent financial advisors who target millennials. My take on the article is that older planners don’t understand younger clients. One advisor said, “Do you think someone’s going to...

Working Forever

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I’m going to work forever, never retire. I love my job, I like my clients, my commute is less than four minutes, and my office is air-conditioned with high-speed internet. What could be better? When I tell people I’m going to work forever, they think I’m crazy. Likewise, when I meet someone who’s...

All Time Highs!

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A record number of climbers reached the peak of Everest this year. In fact, it was so crowded that climbers had to wait in a long line to reach the summit and the approach to the peak was described as a “traffic jam.”[1] A climber spends about two months getting acclimated to the elevation before...

Call an Expert!

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It was time to upgrade my laptop because my old computer was starting to show its age. I did my homework by comparing models, prices, warranties, etc. I had a working knowledge of computers and knew what I was looking for, so I didn’t consult anyone about my purchase.

After my due diligence was...

Can I Get A New Toy?

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On a recent trip to Target I heard several kids asking their parents if they could buy a toy, a shirt, a game, and so on. The kids were relentless in their pursuit of acquiring something, anything. Their parents were equally relentless in the denial of their children’s wants. This is a battle that...

Stocks or Funds?

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Is it better to buy individual stocks or mutual funds? It depends, of course, on several factors like how much to invest or how much risk you’re willing to take. If you have a high tolerance for risk and millions of dollars to invest, you may be a good candidate to own individual stocks. If you only...

The 4th of July

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Today is July 4th, Independence Day. Our great country is 243 years old. I have fond memories of block parties, barbeques, beach trips, and firework shows all celebrating the 4th.

The Declaration of Independence is an incredible document crafted and signed by our founding fathers. Written to stand...