Latte Wars

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A high-profile financial battle is brewing over coffee. Suze Orman has said that a daily coffee habit can cost you $1 million.[1] Her comments were called into question by Ben Carlson, blogger at “A Wealth of Common Sense.” He said, “This advice sounds good because the latte factor is catchy but it...

My Canoe Trip

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I recently took an overnight canoe trip with some mighty men from my church - a diverse group of weekend warriors brought together for adventure and fellowship.  

We paddled down the Colorado River. The river was running faster than normal due to the rain we received in Austin, so it produced some...

7 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes

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The tax season is in the rear-view mirror, so now is a great time to start planning for next year’s returns. Before you put your returns away for good, spend some time reviewing your data. Review your income, deductions, and expenses to see if you can find an opportunity to make changes.

The state...

The Masters

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Tiger Woods roared to life by winning the 2019 Masters – his fifth green jacket.  He last won at Augusta in 2005 and it’s his first major win in 11 years. Athletically, his win marks one of the greatest comebacks in all of sports.

His trials and tribulations are well documented, and few people gave...

Stocks & Yogurt

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Consumers are stressed out over yogurt.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about declining yogurt sales - Yogurt Sales Sour as Options Proliferate. The main theme of the article is that consumers have too many choices.

According to the article “the average U.S. Supermarket...

What’s Your Fee Schedule?

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Good morning and welcome to the first annual financial planning and investment management fee summit. My name is Nate Narrator and today we’ll talk to a panel of financial advisors, planners and brokers to discuss their fee schedules and how they charge clients.

Our distinguished panel includes the...

7 Ideas For A Healthy Retirement

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Ida Keeling is 103 years old and a fitness buff. She holds the world record for the 100-meter dash with a time of 1 minute and 17 seconds for the age category of 100 to 104. She started running at age 67 after one of her sons passed away and said, “Running to me is like medicine.”[1]

You don’t have...

What Is Financial Planning?

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Peggy called me one afternoon to ask me if she could afford to buy a new car. I told her she could buy two. I knew this because we had just completed a financial plan for her and her husband.  Buying a new car, let alone two, wouldn’t make a dent in their financial situation. Twenty-five plus years...

The Los Angeles Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers are iconic. A dynasty. They’re one of the great franchises – not just in basketball, but all sports. They’ve won 16 NBA Championships. Their roster has included legendary players like Magic, Kobe, Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Mikan, Worthy, Baylor, Jamal, LeBron and The Logo.

I grew...

Are You Behind The 8-Ball?

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Several years ago, I met with a couple in their mid-fifties who reached out to me because they needed help with their budgeting. I had known them for a few years, and it appeared they were doing well based on our past conversations and their Facebook posts. Looks can be deceiving, however.

As I...

Beware Ten Year Track Records

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Mutual fund companies and asset managers will start touting their 10-year performance record with dazzling numbers. The marketers will try to lure you in based on their outsized performance. But, before you invest, dig deeper. Ask to see their 15-year track record. If they don’t have one, review...

7 Ways to Handle A Windfall

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Growing up, my friends and I often attended the horse races. One afternoon, I hit an exacta and won $150 – a fortune for me at the time. I bought dinner for my friends with my windfall.

Financial windfalls can come from various sources like an acquisition, year-end bonus, tax-refund, or lottery...