Financial Literacy

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My wife and I were band volunteers during my daughter's high school years. One summer, my wife worked at the payments table when a student approached her about paying for his items, but he didn't know how to write a check. He never learned how to use a checkbook, and he was a senior!


A Day At The Races

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I spent last Sunday at the races with my mom and daughter. We had a great time despite the cold and drizzly weather. We arrived early, stayed late, and bet often.

I grew up near the Santa Anita racetrack. My high school was across the street, so I was a frequent visitor. In addition, my daughter...

The Best Investment Strategy Ever!

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Investors want an edge, a shortcut to wealth. What strategy works best? Who has the hot hand? How can I make money? Today, there is no shortage of podcasts, videos, blogs, vlogs, newsletters, posts, or tweets offering investment guidance. A Google search for investment advice yielded about a billion...


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Bill Murray once said the best way to teach your kids about taxes is to eat 30% of their ice cream. Give it a try. When my daughter was young, she poured herself a glass of milk, and when she turned her back, I drank it all. She was not happy with me and still gets upset (but not really) talking...

No Fear

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When I was in the ninth grade, I wanted to play quarterback, but I was too afraid to stand up when Coach McCarn asked for volunteers. I had a decent arm, but I lacked the courage of my convictions. It was my first year of tackle football, and I was enamored with NFL quarterbacks like Kenny Stabler...

Hannah loved visiting her grandparent's cabin in the mountains of Colorado. She especially enjoyed sitting on the river's edge listening to her Nana's stories.

"Nana," Hannah said, "Tell me the story where you beat up the stock market."

"Little Bird, I didn't beat up the market; I beat the...


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Markets are soaring to all-time highs as the world awakes from its COVID slumber. Year-to-date, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 hit record highs, and the NASDAQ is not far behind. Since the Covid outbreak, all three indices have performed well.

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However, if you're not saving money or can't control...

When To Sell?

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The stock market is trading at all-time highs. The S&P 500 topped 4,000 this week, it's up more than 53% over the past year, and investors are euphoric.  As the market climbs, is it time to sell stocks? Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer for everyone, so let's examine a few reasons to sell...

My NCAA Basketball Bracket

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What a tournament! March Madness did not disappoint. I was rooting for Baylor to win, and they did! I entered ESPN's Tournament Challenge and finished in the 94th percentile, ranking 843,000 out of 14 million. My final game prediction was Baylor beating Gonzaga 74 – 72. The final score was 86 – 70...

Get Ready To Travel!

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I booked a flight for the first time in over a year. In May, I will fly to Los Angeles to visit my parents; our first in-person visit since December 2019. I look forward to waiting in long lines and battling the Los Angeles traffic.

The Dow Jones US Travel and Leisure Index just traded to an all...

Ready to Retire?

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When should you retire?  Today, tomorrow, never? The answer is both emotional and financial. The financial side of retirement is easy – you either have enough money to retire, or you don't. If you have more than enough money to cover your expenses, you can retire at any time regardless of your age...