A Weekly Budget

While playing football, my coaches corrected my behavior If I made a mistake. They’d stop me in my tracks to point out what I did wrong. The feedback was instantaneous. If they had waited months or years to highlight my error, it wouldn’t have been useful. Because of their enthusiastic shouting, I usually didn’t make the same mistake twice. Correcting behavior needs to be consistent and immediate.

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Spend It Like Beckham

A client called recently to let me know he was going to make a major purchase. He wanted to know if his purchase was going to affect his investments. After a few clicks through his financial plan, we determined he could make the purchase and it would not have an impact on his long-term goals. He made the purchase.

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Money Follows the Heart.

Creating a budget is about as fun as getting your wisdom teeth pulled.  Budgeting is a painful task for most people and most would rather do anything else besides figuring out where their money is going.  However, to be a successful saver and investor it’s imperative to spend some time reviewing your spending habits.

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