Hope Is A Strategy

Hope is in short supply, and people are hurting. We're battling a global pandemic, fires, floods, racial tension, economic uncertainty, and political turmoil – dark days, indeed. It's hard to imagine it getting better, but it will. Try to find the good among the bad. Mr. Rogers once said, "When I was a boy, and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers.

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How Can You Help?

It has been a brutal, exhausting year, and people are hurting. COVID-19 and the racial tension has cast a pall on 2020, and people are living with heavy hearts. As a result of the economic, political, and social turmoil, small charities are in a pinch. Local nonprofits are on the ground in your community doing work few people are willing to do, and they need your assistance. What kind of help do they need? Financial support.

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Capitalism Wins

Henry Ford is credited with revolutionizing the auto industry and was on the forefront of innovation by creating the assembly line. He paid his employees $5 per day so they could purchase the cars they were manufacturing. He once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Mr. Ford’s net worth was about $200 billion. Capitalism allowed him to create great wealth.

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Are You Content?

We are a people in pursuit of more. If it’s bigger, better, or faster, then we must have it. Social media allows us to view the good life of others in real time and this is causing angst for many.

Facebook depression is real. According to phys.org: “If the research is any indication, you may actually be finding Facebook and other social media sites aren't so great for your mental health. Instead of feeling blissfully open and connected with your friends, you feel inadequate or maybe even a bit depressed.”[1]

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A handbreadth is a unit of measure about the width of your palm, or 4 inches.  It’s also a measure of time as referenced in the Bible –  You have made my days a mere handbreadth; the span of my years is as nothing before you ~ Psalm 39:5. Meaning our time here on earth is short.

The Dash is an amazing poem written by Linda Ellis.[1]  She writes about how we live our lives between our birth and death dates which is represented by the dash.  Have you ever paid attention to tombstones? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that the dashes are all the same size – short.

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The End Is Near!

The end of the year is here. Was 2017 successful for you? Did you obtain your goals? I hope you had a prosperous year.

Tony Robbins is a master of setting goals and he uses the acronym SMART which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-frame.[1] These five ingredients are key to achieving goals.   My goal of wanting to lose 5 pounds by April 1 meets these five criteria. 

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Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the giving season.  From now until the end of the year charities and non-profits will receive much needed dollars to help fund their good works.   For several organizations the money they receive in the next few weeks will be the bulk of their annual budget.  Individuals typically wait until the end of the year to give because they want to know what their tax situation will be before they donate their money.  Some people give from their wallet, but most give from their heart.  

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Storage Wars.

Driving around my extended neighborhood I noticed several large storage units.    A quick Google search for storage units near my house netted about twenty facilities with more being built.  Storage units cater to people who suffer from affluenza or hoarding.   If you depend on a storage facility, you have too much junk and it may be time for you to part company with your precious items.

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