Who Needs Prayer?

My bible study group has been meeting virtually for the past few weeks because of the Coronavirus, and last night we prayed for twenty-five people from a list (see below) that has been circulating on social media. We incorporated it into our meeting, and it was powerful.

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The Giving Season

November is the beginning of the giving season. From now until the end of the year, charities and non-profits will receive much-needed dollars to help fund their mission. For several organizations, the money they receive in the next few weeks will subsidize most of their annual budget. Individuals typically wait until the end of the year before they give because they don’t have a giving or philanthropic plan.

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Sex, Politics, and Religion

There’s no faster way to clear a room or make people feel uncomfortable than to talk about sex, politics, or religion. These subjects are taboo to most, and they offer no middle ground. They’re polarizing topics, and in a non-politically correct world, they’re guaranteed to upset at least half of the people in your network. However, an issue more forbidden than the big three is money.

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