How to Survive a Stock Market Correction

The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to ascend to new heights.  The higher the market climbs, the more noise you’ll hear about a stock market correction.  At some point, those calling for a market correction will be right.  Stock market corrections are typical and occur about every three to five years.   A bear (down) market will last approximately 18 months while a bull (up) market will run for about eight years.

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Know Your Risks!

During college, my friends and I would often go skiing in Lake Tahoe. I wasn’t a good skier, but I could fight my way down a mountain. Most of the time, I didn’t realize the risk I was taking because my friends were much better skiers, and I went where they went.

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Baylor Bears Football

The Baylor Bears are enjoying an excellent football season. They currently rank 9th in the polls after trouncing The University of Texas. With a record of 10-1, they’re headed to the Big 12 Championship Game for the first time in school history for a rematch against Oklahoma. Hopefully, they’ll be able to avenge their gut-wrenching loss.

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