Do Investment Returns Matter?

The S&P 500 rose 13% in the first quarter.  Are you satisfied or frustrated if your investment portfolio “only” made 12%?

During the quarterly review season investors want to know how well their accounts performed. Did they make money? Did they outperform the market? Will the trend continue? These are common, and logical, questions investors ask their advisors – but are they the right ones to ask?

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The Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are iconic. A dynasty. They’re one of the great franchises – not just in basketball, but all sports. They’ve won 16 NBA Championships. Their roster has included legendary players like Magic, Kobe, Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Mikan, Worthy, Baylor, Jamal, LeBron and The Logo.

I grew up watching the Laker’s in the ‘80s with Show Time. Their battles with the Celtics, Pistons and Bulls were epic. A Magic led fast break, or a Kareem sky hook was magical. Listening to Chick Hearn enhanced the experience.

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Beware Ten Year Track Records

Mutual fund companies and asset managers will start touting their 10-year performance record with dazzling numbers. The marketers will try to lure you in based on their outsized performance. But, before you invest, dig deeper. Ask to see their 15-year track record. If they don’t have one, review their performance from 2008. How did the fund perform during the Great Recession?

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A Watched Pot

A watched pot never boils, or so I’m told. When I was much younger, I put this theory to test and, to my surprise, the water did boil as I kept my eyes glued to the pot.

Watching water boiling, grass growing, or paint drying is boring and a waste of time. Similarly, watching your investment accounts daily is not productive. Your investments will rise or fall whether you watch them or not. In fact, they may perform better if you don’t watch them at all.

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A Quiet Billionaire

Most investors have heard of Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton, but what about Herbert Wertheim? Dr. Wertheim is worth $2.3 billion according to Forbes. In a recent Forbes Magazine article, he credits his substantial wealth to buying individual stocks and holding them forever. Dr. Wertheim said, “My goal is to buy and almost never sell.”[1]

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Buy or Rent?

To buy, or not to buy, that is the question.

A home can be both an asset and a liability. Over time, real estate is a solid investment, but in the short-term it can cause financial heartache.

My parents have lived in their home for more than 45 years and they have significant equity. They’ve used their home throughout the years as a source of funds to pay for weddings and college educations. However, they’ve also had to replace roofs, windows, garage doors, air conditioning units, etc.

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Optimists Rule

Optimists and visionaries have built our great country. Railroads, autos, airlines, rockets, and computers were created by individuals who focused on changing the world. They didn’t let “experts” tell them their ideas were a waste of time or their inventions wouldn’t work. The Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Amelia Earhart, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Katharine Graham, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and other luminaries obsessed about success. They were tenacious and resolute as they pursued their goals. They were bold.

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Who Cares?

Who cares that the current bull market has risen more than 260% when stocks have dropped 7% in the past month? Does it matter that stocks have generated an average annual return of 10% for the past 100 years or markets rise 75% of the time when this year will be negative? Stocks have outpaced bonds and cash for decades, but so what? This year bonds and cash have the upper hand.

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