Investment Management

Investment Management.

Our investment philosophy is grounded in extensive academic research and draws from the insights of Nobel Laureates and industry icons. Your investment solution is aligned with your financial plan and will guide us as we construct your unique portfolio, whether it's to preserve your family wealth or grow it for the future. We utilize low-cost mutual and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), primarily managed by Vanguard, iShares, and Dimensional Funds.

401(k) and Company Retirement Plan Guidance.

Outside of your home, your company retirement plan is probably your largest asset. Selecting your investments, asset allocation, and contribution amounts is important, and we can help you maximize your plan assets to ensure you receive all your plan benefits.

Investment and Asset Allocation Review.

Do you need a second opinion on your investment holdings?  Do you have the proper asset allocation?   Are your fees in line with your investment goals and industry standards?   During your investment review, we’ll address these questions and much more.

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